A Gym Where Technology Meets Fitness

Nov 1, 2017

After opening their doors in July of last year, Orangetheory Fitness has become a staple in Sage Creek with their modern approach to fitness and community involvement. This beautiful combo has set them apart from other fitness centres and places them squarely in a unique category; boutique fitness.

We caught up with Orangetheory Fitness Sage Creek Owner Megan Galbert and asked her a few questions about her fitness boutique.


First of all, why Sage Creek? 

Several factors went into the decision to open Orangetheory Fitness in Sage Creek. First, I was eager to open as soon as possible and the mall area at Sage Creek was suitable, available and gorgeous! The area was great demographically and there wasn't a lot of other fitness options in the area.

What has it been like working with the people of Sage Creek? 

The community has been great. I have had a lot of amazing feedback from members who love the workout and the concept and tell all their friends to come try it. The word of mouth has been amazing! Members seem to be really happy we moved into the area. We have had a lot of people make new friends at the studio that have continued even after they leave their workouts.

How active a community is Sage Creek?

There are definitely a lot of active individuals who love to take advantage of Sage Creek's amenities and outdoor spaces. There are also many who come to us who want to be more active and need a place to start. We love to see new people here and I feel very rewarded when I'm told that people have not felt comfortable in a "gym" environment before, but they are comfortable here and their confidence grew and they finally feel like they're seeing fitness results. 

Do you do special events? Community events? 

Yes absolutely. I believe in the power of a strong community and we want to be an integral part of bettering Sage Creek and surrounding areas.  We always participate in Sage Creek Residents Association (SCRA) events, often we'll participate in Island Lakes Residents Group (ILRG) events as well. You will often see us doing the warm up for different Running Room events (Winnipeg Police Half Marathon, Light the Night, Superhero Run).   

I'm passionate about helping some of the causes that are important to our members as well. We have run fundraising classes for Leukemia/Lymphoma, Ovarian Cancer, Torture the Trainer fundraiser for Manitoba Underdogs, Monthly fundraising for Juvenile Diabetes, Manitoba Children's Hospital, Childhood Brain Cancer, etc. We try to think up fun and interesting ways to give back to both the community and these causes through fitness. It is important to me to be a responsible corporate citizen. Over the course of the last year we have raised close to $10,000 for these different organizations. 

What makes Orangetheory Fitness so popular?

Orangetheory Fitness is so popular because it's quite simply the most efficient and effective one-hour workout on the planet.  Imagine getting the fitness results of a one-on-one personal trainer at a fraction of the price - we provide a lot of value for your dollar. "Boutique" Fitness's popularity is on the rise as it's occupying the very empty niche between a big box gym and one-on-one personal training. I believe Orangetheory Fitness is so popular because it's one of the only fitness concepts that will give you a full body workout that includes work with traditional weights. Lifting weights is so often neglected, especially by women, and it's so vital for overall heath and bone density as we age. Plus we run about 75 classes a week so there's lots of options on times and we can fit into almost anyone's schedule.

What can we expect from Orangetheory in the future?

Orangetheory Fitness is where technology meets fitness and we are the leader in this field worldwide. OTF corporate is continually working on its technology and heart rate monitoring to ensure the workouts are even more tailored to what is optimal for the human body. The team that designs the workouts are the best of the best: doctors, chiropractors, physiotherapists, personal trainers, etc. These are the most effective workouts anywhere. We are also going to introduce some new equipment this fall so stay tuned and come try us out!

Photo from Orangetheory Fitness Facebook Page