New Home Buyer's Guide - Choosing Your Builder & Lot

Jun 27, 2017
Many new home builders are faced with the question of what comes first—Choosing your community, lot or builder? When starting with your builder, there are a lot of considerations that your builder will be able to help you with at the start of your relationship.

Canada Celebrates 150 Years!

Jun 16, 2017
Canada Day is almost here and Sage Creek is hosting an extra special celebration with fireworks, live performances and games for Canada’s 150th anniversary!

Tips to Make Your Move Seamless

May 31, 2017
Moving into a brand-new home should be an exciting time not an overwhelming one. To help eliminate the unneeded stress and make the move as seamless as possible, we’re giving you a list of tips you can use to make the process a lot more enjoyable.

Sage Creek Bike Week Celebration

May 26, 2017
Sage Creek is celebrating Bike Week on June 22. Join us for activities, prizes and free food and drink samples!

New and Improved Willow Tunnel

May 18, 2017
The Sage Creek Nature Trail has a new and improved willow tunnel! We have installed a 20 foot long willow tunnel that will grow into a naturally unique and enchanting feature for the community.

New Home Buyer's Guide - Choosing your place in one of our Qualico Communities

May 10, 2017
So you’re looking for a community for your new custom built or premium home? From the start, you can rest easy knowing that all our communities are developed to the highest standards for design, environmental sustainability and meet the diverse and changing needs of homeowners.

Wildlife-Friendly Gardening Tips: Native Plants

May 5, 2017
Welcome to the first of our series of how-to blogs, where we’ll be providing specific strategies and advice from the Canadian Wildlife Federation (CWF) covering five key areas of wildlife-friendly gardening: Food, Water, Shelter, Green Gardening and Native Plants.