Qualico Head Office Photo - Sage Creek

Qualico Head Office

From Dream to Reality

Qualico began occupying its new Head Office as of November, 2009. The classic glass and
limestone building features 68,000 square feet of bright office space, a corner atrium, and a
‘green roof’, complete with terraced gardens. Initially, it will house 120 employees, with growth capacity of up to 150 employees.

Located at the corner of Burning Glass Road and Dr. David Friesen Drive, Qualico’s 2.4 acre
site anchors the north end of Sage Creek’s Village Centre and is the first of several office,
commercial and retail buildings to be constructed.

Qualico received internationally recognized LEED® Silver certification for its new Head Office.
LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification provides independent
verification that the design, construction and operation of the building are environmentally
responsible and provide a comfortable, healthy, and dynamic environment for staff.
Environmental design features include:

Gas-assist Geothermal System: The building is equipped with a closed loop geothermal
system that will provide the majority of heating and cooling for the building. The system is
supplemented with conventional gas boiler systems and conventional cooling system to ensure
there is sufficient heating and cooling.

Green Roof: An intensive green, living roof consisting of deep planting beds and hard surfaced walkways tops off the building. Larger trees can be used with the deeper planting beds and the walkways provide a rooftop garden amenity for all employees.

Recycled Building Materials: Wherever possible, recycled materials were used in the
construction of the building. These included recycled concrete, and steel, as well as aluminum
window frames.

Windows: A high percentage of the exterior of the building is made up of windows which will
permit a great deal of natural light within the building. All windows are dual- or triple-pane, with
argon-filled sealed units and have a low-e coating. The exceptional performance of the windows
will greatly reduce the energy requirements for the building and contribute to optimal energy performance.

The Qualico building was designed by Prairie Architects. Other members of the team include
Tower Engineering, Genivar Engineering, Partners by Design, and McGowan Russell
Landscape Architects.