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Sage Creek is home to 61 acres of parklands and public reserve.

Parks and open spaces are an asset to any community, providing places to walk, play or just sit quietly and contemplate life. Sage Creek has an abundance of such places, enhanced by over nine kilometers of walking and cycling trails.

Sage Creek carefully integrates man-made elements with nature. The native prairie grasses, shrubs, trees and wetlands are designed to provide pleasure for residents and habitat for wildlife while reducing greenhouse gases, erosion and fertilizer use.

It’s part of an emerging land ethic that sees beauty in nature and value in the restorative role that natural land development plays in our environment.


Sage Creek Nature Trail

Sage Creek Nature Trail Map
Designed to be fun on foot for kids and adults alike.
Follow the mulch path and see where it takes you. You’re welcome to walk, but this trail is made for so much more. How many ways can you move? Test your balance as you lunge from log to log. Put a spring in your step and hop across the stepping stones. Skip or crawl through the willow tunnels to reach the end…and then do it all again!

This area has another purpose. It’s actually an important Stormwater Retention Basin. When there is heavy rain or potential flooding, the basin holds the water until it’s slowly released into the land drainage system. This helps keep water away from homes, lightens the load on our sewers, and helps filter out sediment and chemicals. This is the first dual-purpose trail of its kind in Manitoba.