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1. How do I find more information about the lot prices?

The building lots in Sage Creek are being marketed through participating builders listed on the website.You can contact any one of the builders for information on lot sizes, lot prices, and availability.

2. How much are property taxes?

Property taxes are based upon a realty assessment as estimated by the City of Winnipeg. It is based upon their estimate of general market value of your home as of the last general assessment. A mill rate is applied to the assessment and taxes are determined. Further information is available at the City of Winnipeg website.

3. Can individuals build their own homes?

All home builders in Sage Creek must be members of either the New Home Warranty Program or the National Home Warranty Program, and must be certified by the Construction Safety Association of Manitoba. Sage Creek Development Corporation ensures a good choice of builders for each area of Sage Creek. Each builder is well versed in the architectural guidelines for Sage Creek, and would be happy to discuss them with you.

4. Where will the schools be in Sage Creek?

Sage Creek has incorporated two proposed school sites within the community. Construction of the first school will start in 2014 and will be located at the intersection of Sage Creek Boulevard and Edward Turner Drive. It will provide early learning to grade 8 courses. Schools are the responsibility of the provincial government and the Louis Riel School Division. For more information, contact the school division website:

5. What type of homes will be built?

Sage Creek offers a wide variety of home choices to match your lifestyle, taste and budget–from custom-designed, single family homes to lakefront condominiums. Consistent quality is the hallmark, evident in the contemporary designs, lasting materials, attention to detail and construction standards. At Sage Creek, you can find a neighbourhood and home style that makes everyday life just a little sweeter. Home styles

6. What do I need to know before putting up a fence?

The City of Winnipeg has established zoning regulations for residential fences. These are available online at
Or by calling 311, the non-emergency city services line; or by visiting the City of Winnipeg Planning, Property and Development Department, 31 – 30 Fort Street.

7. I just moved into a house that has developer installed fencing, what do I need to know?

Qualico Communities installs a variety of fencing styles on properties within the community. The installation of developer fencing along major streets and areas open to public view ensures a uniform appearance for residents and visitors as they travel through the community.

When developer fencing is installed on a lot, a Building/Development Scheme Agreement is registered against that property which stipulates the manner in which a homeowner must maintain the developer fence on their property. To find out more information on what is included in this Agreement and whether or not you have a developer fence on your property contact us at

8. Will I get a tree in my yard?

Qualico Communities plants trees according to the City of Winnipeg Boulevard Tree Planting Guidelines as part of our Development Agreement. Tree locations are determined by a third-party landscape architect who determines the best locations for boulevard trees according to these guidelines. Yards must have final grading and be approved by the developer’s engineering consultant before the landscape architect evaluates each yard for a tree (contact your builder for more information).

Trees are planted on the boulevard portion of yards which belong to the City of Winnipeg. For the most part, every yard will have a tree planted on it. However, there are spacing requirements that may cause some yards to not have a tree. Trees must be certain distance from each other and from intersections, light standards, driveways, fire hydrants, hydro poles, manholes, sewers and clear of all underground services. Most cul-de-sac yards will not have trees due to the minimum planting distance required from driveways. Tree plantings take place in the early spring or late fall only.

For more information regarding the specifications, please visit the City of Winnipeg website or Learn How To Care For Your Tree Here

9. Who takes care of my tree?

As the developer, Qualico Communities is responsible for planting and maintaining the tree for the first year after it is planted. After a year and an inspection approval by the City of Winnipeg, it becomes the City of Winnipeg’s responsibility. However, we encourage homeowners to maintain the tree on their lawn. Information on how to maintain your tree can be found here.

10. What is the story behind the sculpture at Boulevard des Hivernants and Sage Creek Boulevard (pictured above)?

The sculpture ‘Four Winds’ was created by David MacNair and Real Berard. It was inspired by a poem of the same name. It depicts the four cardinal points, North, South, East and West and their four winds, which are prominent in the legends, beliefs and ceremonies of Native tribes in Manitoba and Canada.

‘Flight’ by David MacNair